URL: http://www.genieknows.com
Year Launched: Unknown
Reputation Impact Rating: Medium/High
SEO Benefit: Yes
Advertising Options: Yes
Claim Listing: Yes

Genieknows.com is a search engine optimization site based in Canada that offers products and services such as pay per click, display advertising, 1-click banner, exit traffic, landing pages, hot spots, search box, and more. 

As described on Wikipedia
GenieKnows Inc., a privately ownedvertical search engine company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Like many internet search engines, its revenue model centers on an online advertising platform and B2B transactions. It focuses on a set of niche search markets, or verticals, including health search, video games search, and local businessdirectory search. GenieKnows uses algorithms to download, assess, and categorize web pages and index them for later matching with web search queries.

About Genieknows (From Site Owner)
GenieKnows.com is the corporate home for our company products and services. Here you’ll find links to everything we are working on and hints at what might be coming soon.

We’ve built our trusted search and display media business around the ability to target quality internet traffic and deliver that traffic into direct advertisers and partnerships.

Our network includes an array of publisher websites such as BellAliant.net; SportNovaScotia.ca and some of our own too: yellowee.com;  rellish.com; and myticketpick.com to name a few.

From Alexa
Audience snapshot. Based on internet averages, Genieknows.com is visited more frequently by males who have a graduate school education and are searching from their work.

History as found on Wikipedia
In 2005, GenieKnows entered the search engine market with a local business directory search engine.[2] Targeting only the United States in its beta release, the local search engine is similar to Google Maps but uses the proprietary GeoRank algorithm to associate potentially uncategorized web pages containing addresses with businesses listed in an internet Yellow Pages directory by extracting addresses and geocoding these to identifygeographic coordinates for which it associates the web page.

On February 29, 2008 GenieKnows Local was launched as a completely revised local search engine extending beyond the 100 most populous US cities covered in its beta release. The local search engine utilizes processed municipal business data, road network data, national park data, and geocoding technology to provide localized search results ranked according to a business’s relevance to a user’s web query. As of the February 2008 release, the engine covers over 90% of Canadian and US municipalities with populations above 1000 residents.