URL: www.allmenus.com
Year Launched: UKN, before 2000
Reputation Impact Rating: Medium
Alexa Rank: 3,905 US
SEO Benefit: Yes
Advertising Options: Yes
Claim Listing: Yes

In the news “GrubHub raises $50M to fund 2 acquisitions” which included CampusFood and Allmenus.

AllMenus allows the hungry to search for a place to eat by cuisine, address, and specific dishes, i.e. lasagna! You can also choose for to order online for delivery or to make a reservation. Upon selecting the restaurant of your choice, you are looking at the menu and have the option of looking at more info or reviews. You can print, “Tweet” on Twitter, or “Like” on Facebook. Restaurant listings include address, phone and a map for delivery Zones as well as to find your way there. There is a link to the restaurant’s website and to OpenTable, an online reservation system. Syndicated reviews are available to read, but a user cannot leave a review here. Benefit to a consumer is the online menu and ordering capabilities, as well as knowing that the online user can look at reviews and not have to get involved when in a hurry.

From DotMenu founder Michael Saunders, about AllMenus
Dotmenu: Allmenu and CampusFood, was born over a decade ago when company founder Michael Saunders was a junior at the University of Pennsylvania. While studying for finals, Saunders decided to order himself a tuna hoagie. After encountering two busy signals and one accidental disconnection, his delivery order was placed. When the hoagie finally arrived, Michael was saddened by the discovery of condiments he most certainly had not requested.

A lesser man might have just swallowed his frustration, but Michael Saunders decided to act, if only to keep future generations of tuna hoagie craving college kids from suffering the same fate. Michael set himself to the task of building an online restaurant network that would make busy signals, disconnections, and grievously misheard toppings requests a thing of the distant past. After many years, Michael’s dream became a reality.

For over a decade now, Dotmenu has been making it easier to stuff food into people’s faces. Thanks to the massive growth of our flagship websites Allmenus and Campusfood, Dotmenu has expanded its waistline to become the largest online food delivery network in the world with over 2 million registered users, nearly half of whom are college graduates.

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