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Year Launched: 1996
Reputation Impact Rating: High
Alexa Rank: 925 US
SEO Benefit: Yes
Advertising Options: No
Claim Listing: Yes

With Services such as “Fetch a Report Program”, “Report Web Link and Graphics” and “Report Forms”; a company can quickly increase their reputation on their listings. Angie’s list gives management of businesses the opportunity to reply to reports so that they can expand their customer service. You’re given an account that gives you access to tips on increasing your online reputation and even some online marketing tips. Known as one of the first in online reviews of contractors Angie’s list has made doing business with a contractor much easier. Angie’s list does not allow anonymous reviews, which increases the integrity of a rating. This also allows owners to address a customer’s complaint that they were not aware of, and those for customers that are hard to please with Angie’s list has a Complaint Resolution Team.

As described on Wikipedia. Angie’s List is a website that aggregates verified consumer reviews of service companies as a way to “capture word-of-mouth wisdom”. Angie’s List has about 1.5 million subscribers throughout the United States and Canada who post an average of about 40,000 reviews each month. The concept behind the website is to certify their data collection process by only allowing paid and registered subscribers to access the website, in order to prevent anonymous or biased reviews.

Angie’s List grades companies using a report-card-style scale, which ranges from A to F; these ratings are based on the following criteria: price, quality, responsiveness, punctuality and professionalism. Each company has their own page, which is composed of a description of their business along with the customer reviews. The aggregate grade is drawn from the combined reviews and grades given to the businesses from the consumers. Angie’s List employees are trained to identify any reviews that seem biased or sabotaged, so the overall rating only reflects legitimate customer reviews. This process was reviewed and approved by BPA Worldwide during a 2009 audit. Revenue for Angie’s List comes from member subscription fees, as well as advertising from businesses that have an overall grade of B or higher on the website.

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Angie’s List members make great customers. Angie’s List has more than 1.5 million members nationwide. Our members pay for reviews on local services, written by other members in their city. Angie’s List does NOT allow anonymous reviews – we hold our members accountable for their comments.

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Audience snapshot. Based on internet averages, angieslist.com is visited more frequently by females who are in the age range 55-64 and received some college education.

History as found on Wikipedia Formerly headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Angie’s List was co-founded by Bill Oesterle and Angie Hicks in 1995. It was inspired by Hicks’ search for a reliable contractor in suburban Columbus on behalf of Oesterle, a venture capitalist and her former supervisor. She relocated to Columbus to join him in creating Angie’s List, which started as a call-in service and publication for reviews about home and lawn care. Hicks went door-to-door, signing up members and collecting ratings on local contractors. After solely recruiting more than 1,000 members in Columbus within one year, Hicks turned to Oesterle to raise money from investors in order to develop the business at a steady pace.

In 1996, Angie’s List purchased the Indianapolis, Indiana-based community publication, Unified Neighbors from creator Bill Corbin and relocated its headquarters to Indianapolis. By 1999, the database of local services and reviews was moved to the internet. During the ensuing years, their customer base and business relationships grew throughout North America, while also expanding to include additional service industries such as health care and auto care.

CNN Money featured Angie’s List as one of the 100 fastest-growing inner city businesses in the nation, with their 2009 revenues reaching $45.6 million in 2011.

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