Year Launched: 2007
Reputation Impact Rating: Medium
SEO Benefit: No
Advertising Options:  Yes
Claim Listing: No

This site is for food bloggers who are interested in reviewing and rating restaurants they have dined at. At BlogSoop you can search or browse for restaurants and view their corresponding reviews that bloggers have left. Those restaurants with a large number of reviews will show up first, so restaurants would ideally want a high number of reviews on this site to give them a better presence.

From Blogsoop
BlogSoop organizes blogger restaurant reviews – formerly scattered all over the web – into a searchable restaurant database. In doing so, we provide easy access to more in depth restaurant information than any other resource. Users can rate a post based on its helpfulness and rate a restaurant based on their dining experience. Once registered, friends of BlogSoop are able to leave comments using a live chat feature we call TalkSoop.

BlogSoop was officially launched in New York City in March 2007. We’ve since expanded to San Francisco and more recently Los Angeles.