Year Launched
: 1998
Reputation Impact Rating: Low
SEO Benefit: No
Advertising Options: Yes
Claim Listing: No 

Companies will not be able to use Cars.com to quickly increase their reputation, nor can companies claim listings on the site. Cars.com is mainly aimed at providing consumers with new and used car information, such as average prices, pros and cons, staff-written reviews, and much more. 

As described on Wikipedia.

Cars.com is the second largest automotive classified site, second to only Autotrader.com. It is a division of Classified Ventures, which is in turn a joint venture by major media companies including the Gannett Company, the McClatchy Company, the Graham Holdings Company, the Tribune Company, and A.H. Belo.

About Cars.com (From Site Owner)

Visited by more than 11 million car shoppers each month, Cars.com is the leading destination for online car shoppers, offering credible and easy-to-understand information from consumers and experts to help buys formulate opinions on what to buy, where to buy and how much to pay for a car. With comprehensive pricing information, dealer reviews, side-by-side comparison tools, photo galleries, videos, unbiased editorial content and a large selection of new- and used-car inventory, Cars.com puts car buyers in control of their shopping process with the information they need to make confident buying decisions.

From Alexa

Audience snapshot. Based on internet averages, cars.com is visited more frequently by females who have not attended college or have attended some college. Relative to the general internet population, people browsing from school are greatly over-represented at this site.

History as found on Wikipedia

A 2003 Library Journal survey of automobile-related websites described cars.com as “the most complete car sales megasite”, noting staff-written reviews that “are signed, dated, detailed, and richly illustrated”. In 2004 the website announced a partnership with Kelley Blue Book and commenced national advertising. In 2007, the site announced plans for its largest marketing campaign ever and that same year Yahoo! Announced plans to receive listings from Cars.com for their Yahoo! Autos service. The deal would allow Cars.com listings to appear as advertisements targeted at consumers based on information they are looking at on Yahoo services.