URL: chowhound.chow.com
Year Launched: 1997
Reputation Impact Rating: Medium
Alexa Rank: 941 US
SEO Benefit: Yes
Advertising Options: Yes
Claim Listing: No

As an early leader in restaurant reviews Chowhound continues to have a good following.  Chowhound allows the user to search for a place to eat by cuisine, neighborhood, special features and price. Restaurant listings include photos and links to the restaurant’s website, menu, Facebook, Twitter, RSS Feeds, YouTube, and OpenTable, an interactive reservation website.  Reviews are available on the front page of the restaurant’s listing. At the bottom of each restaurant listing are “related discussions” such as discussions regarding the cuisine that they serve and the area in which they are located. CBS Interactive also includes an opportunity to be included in an Ad campaign which is capable of advertising directly to influential groups.

History as found on Wikipedia
Founded by Jim Leff in 1997 Chowhound is known  as a place to find restaurants based on location, reviews and cuisine. Chowhound includes discussion boards for posters to voice their opinions on anything about food from the best restaurants to the best dishes, recipes or food shopping experiences. Now owned by CBS Interactive, Chowhound is a part of CHOW Magazine online and gives the user full access to the world of food. This marriage of sorts has also allowed readers of CHOW Magazine to connect with others regarding their experience with food and the world of cuisine internationally.

From Chowhound
Chowhound has a narrow mission: to allow unbiased consumers to share honest chow opinions with their fellow consumers. On our regional message boards (San Francisco, Chicago, etc.), the focus is where to find great chow in that area. On our pan-regional “topical” boards (e.g. Home Cooking, Food Media & News, etc.), discussion is a bit more wide-ranging, but still on topic.

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