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Year Launched: 1995
Reputation Impact Rating: Med
Alexa Rank:  332 US
SEO Benefit: yes
Advertising Options: Yes
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Citysearch is a social review site meaning that they have an active presence on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, they have a mobile app to help the customer that is traveling or just simply too busy to find what they are looking for find a place to eat, meet or stay.  Although this mobile app connects Citysearch to more customers it is a little limited as it’s for the iPhone. They do have a “Deals” app for the android, so expect them to broaden their App library to cover all wireless devices.

They also are part of CityGrid Media which owns and operates other leading local consumer properties which include Insider Pages, and Urbanspoon.

As described on Wikipedia.

Citysearch is an online city guide that provides information about businesses in the categories of dining, entertainment, retail, travel, and professional services in cities throughout the United States. Visitors to each of Citysearch’s local city guides will find contact information, maps, driving directions, editorial, and user reviews for the businesses listed. Citysearch is headquartered in West Hollywood, California and is an owned and operated web site of CityGrid Media, which is an operating business of IAC/InterActiveCorp (NASDAQ: IACI). Original office was in Pasadena, California.

Citysearch is the essential local guide for living bigger, better and smarter in your city. Covering more than 75,000 locations nationwide, we combine in-the-know editorial recommendations, candid user comments and expert advice from local businesses, and we keep you connected to the most popular and undiscovered places wherever you are.

For the best in your city, check out Citysearch’s popular Best of Citysearch competition, which allows you to nominate and vote for the best local businesses nationwide. Various campaigns run throughout the year, including Best Restaurants, Best Nightlife, Best Spa & Beauty, Best Shopping, Best Hotels and Best Services. Check for new polls, new winners and the most up-to-date Best of Citysearch information in your city.

Citysearch is an operating business of CityGrid Media.

From Alexa

Citysearch.com’s Best of Citysearch gives locals the opportunity to vote for their favorite businesses in categories like Restaurants, … After the voting period is over, Citysearch tallies the votes, verifies the vital information of the top 10 recipients of votes in each poll and then unveils the results: the best in each city as voted by the people who live there. … The city guide to entertainment, restaurants, events, hotels, movies and businesses.

History as found on Wikipedia

Citysearch was founded in September 1995 by Jeffrey Brewer, Caskey Dickson, Brad Haaugard, Taylor Wescoatt, and Tamar Halpern. Charles Conn was then recruited to lead the new company. The idea, initiative, and seed capital came initially from Bill Gross.

In 1999, Citysearch acquired the competing Sidewalk.com website from Microsoft, and merged the two sites together. In 2007, another competitor, Insider Pages was acquired.

In June 2010, Citysearch LLC rebranded as CityGrid Media. The flagship product of CityGrid Media is CityGrid, a content and ad network for local. CityGrid Media also owns and operates leading local consumer properties which include Citysearch, Insider Pages, and Urbanspoon.