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Reputation Impact Rating: Low-Medium
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SEO Benefit: Yes
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Clubplanet is a site promoting the nightlife. Target audience is 18-35 yr olds. For the “clubber” that is looking for a good time this seems the place to look. Highlighting clubs, music, events and community ClubPlanet lets you know where to have a good time. On another note, although you can search for events and venues in any city in the country Clubplanets coverage is geared more toward the “hot spot” cities such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Miami and others. For the consumer that likes to club close to home this site won’t find much for the smaller unknown cites such as Akron OH, Denver CO, Kansas City. Seems to be a site more for the E! reader / goer.

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Venue owners can create, manage and update business info and specials, create and promote events, offer a Guest list service to your clients, update venue photos, receive standard venue features including maps, an editorial profile, user comments, insider tips, addresses, hours of operation and bottle service options, Sell tickets – Clubplanet.com, Wantickets.com and Newyears.com offers a complete ticketing system, offer ticketing for your events, receive Homepage real estate in the featured venues section with your logo, ensuring that the right demographic sees your brand.

Track Entertainment properties include: clubplanet.com, doyoulookgood.com, wantickets.com, cooljunkie.com, nochelatina.com, newyears.com, fearlessmusic.com, halloweenparties.com

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About ClubPlanet Nightlife Guide (clubplanet.com): Guide to nightlife and clubbing in major cities around the globe. Featuring listings, reviews, chat rooms, message boards, news, and rumors.

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