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Foodnut.com is a search engine that helps its searchers find restaurants that meets their expectations. Foodnut.com focuses on local dining areas that are near their home base, the San Francisco Bay Area. A searcher can click on a restaurant to find the location and phone number, which is then followed by a review of the restaurant that usually consists of multiple pictures of the actual food that was served to the reviewer, the menu, the restaurant itself, the staff, etc. Reviews are based on a 1-4 star rating, 4 being ‘The Best’ and 1 being ‘Below Average’. Most ratings end with the reviewer stating whether or not they would dine at the particular location again in the future.

About Foodnut (From Site Owner)
The site was created by folks nuts about food! We help those looking for great restaurants, especially ones in our home base, the San Francisco Bay Area. Our goal is to find the best food, not review every place under the sun. Our friends and family had kept asking us where to eat, so we decided to build this website for them and foodies at large. We have also built the site to remember what we ate in the past, and to avoid the bad dishes.

We have over a 100 years of experience eating! We have been ripped off, treated poorly, but have also experienced some great meals. Follow us as we dine at restaurants around the world and document our adventures with lots of personally biased reviews and pictures. At least the reviews come from a consistent point of view.