URL: www.grubhub.com/
Year Launched: 2004
Reputation Impact Rating: Medium
Alexa Rank: 2,995 US
SEO Benefit: Yes
Advertising Options: Yes
Claim Listing: Yes

“Foodies” can order here for delivery or pickup. They can also find a restaurant by cuisine, location or your “faves”. Their listings include menus that you can order from that shows pricing. Although this was meant to assist those that want to order delivery or take out you can also find restaurants and read reviews here. Includes syndicated reviews from Yelp.

From Grubhub

Mike Evans gingerly sipping his Scotch, Matt Maloney unabashedly knocking back Appletinis rye Manhattans as the night devolved into what can only be described as armchair entrepreneurship. The two revisited a question they had asked in unison earlier that evening while working late and dreaming of dinner:  “Why, given the available technology on this earth, is there not a website that will tell us who delivers?” And from that question and a few scribbles on a mustard-stained bar napkin, this Internet giant was born.

With an eye toward becoming the best destination for ordering food online, they began immediately. Working the phones tirelessly to discover who delivered, hitting the freezing Chicago streets to talk to restaurants about  the then-novel feature of online ordering and staking their claim as an authority on the Second City’s restaurant scene.

Diners poured in and investors took note. More employees were hired; the service expanded. From Chicago to San Francisco, San Francisco to Boston. By early 2011, we had reached 13 cities and secured four rounds of funding. We’d grown into and out of three offices and brought on over 100 employees. And as we roll through the rest of 2011, we intend to keep plugging along — expanding both our reach and our offerings, dreaming up and executing new methods of achieving that original vision: to be the best place in the universe for finding and ordering food.

From Alexa
About grubhub.com (in Grubhub’s own words)….
This is the story of how the GrubHub.com you know and love came to be… GrubHub.com began back in 2004 by two guys- Matt and Mike- who were working for a major Internet company in Chicago at the time. As it often happened, Mike and Matt found themselves working late, hungry, and in need of delivery. Both were tired of the usual pizza and Thai places. They turned to the Internet to find a listing of Chicago restaurants that would deliver to them. …

Audience Stats:
Based on internet averages, grubhub.com is visited more frequently by females who are in the age range 25-34, have no children, are college educated and browse this site from work.

As found on Wikipedia
GrubHub is a web and mobile company that lets users find delivery and takeout restaurants near them and order online for free.
The company was founded in 2004 by Mike Evans and Matt Maloney. In 2006, the company won the University of Chicago’s New Venture Challenge. One year later, GrubHub received its first round of venture capital, allowing the Chicago-based company to expand its service to Boston and San Francisco [1]. The service currently allows users to order online from restaurants in the following American cities: Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Oakland, Boston, Los Angeles & Orange County, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, San Diego, Seattle, Portland, Denver and Boulder.

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