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Year Launched: 1999
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Alexa Rank: 21,881 US
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For the vegetarian this is the place to connect. This site boasts a vegetarian chat room and a community forum. The newsletter “MooZine, your vegin out newsletter” includes a list of Cow Friendly Eats, Healthy Living Marketplace, and News section. For those new to vegetarian cooking this site also includes a place to find vegan recipes. For vacation planning there is info under topics to assist the vegetarian in making travel plans so they know where to eat during their vacation.

From HappyCow
About…HappyCow was created in 1999 as a service to help travelers and people everywhere find vegetarian, vegan, and healthy food choices. Today, our online community is powered by dedicated members from around the world who are passionate about the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle as a healthy, compassionate, and environmentally sustainable way of living. More than a restaurant and health food store guide, our website is a constant work-in-progress toward becoming a “one-stop” resource for everything VEG.


How it all began…
Eric Brent, founder: The idea of HappyCow started in 1997 when I first learned that the only world guide to vegetarian restaurants and vegan restaurants on the internet at that time (now defunct) was no longer being updated. However, I had put the idea on hold until November 1999.

I was living in India at that time, and although I wasn’t sure exactly how a project like this could be managed, I felt compelled to take it on. As a world traveler who’s lived, worked, and visited more than 50 countries, I’ve encountered much difficulty looking for “safe” food each time I arrived at a new town or city. So, I taught myself html and paid for web hosting.

In recent years, HappyCow has especially benefited from time contributed by Diana Hsieh, a 15+ year vegetarian, HappyCow member/volunteers, like Evelyn H., John E., Ken S., Lex M., Stevie, and many others. Together, with members and volunteers worldwide, we have lots of ideas for the future of this site. Many of our goals do require more technical programming and funding, so they are slow in being implemented… your patience and support is much appreciated.

HappyCow is a free-to-use site, non profit in nature but not 501-c status, and our manpower and resources are, at times, limited. Yet each day, the HappyCow site grows and evolves with continuous flow of positive feedback and contributions from our visitors and members. Feel free to read more about us in our interview with Earth Balance (December 2010) and with VegParadise (July 2007).

From Alexa
Audience Snapshot
Based on internet averages, happycow.net is visited more frequently by females who are in the age range 45-54, have no children and browse this site from school.

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