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Year Launched: 2005
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A user can find a mechanic quick and easy by just entering state, city, or postal code. You can find with in a radius as well. The site will return a list which is sorted from best-rated to worst-rated. From the list view a user can add a mechanic, select a mechanic or search again. From a mechanic’s listing a user can correct a listing, rate a mechanic, recommend on facebook, add a picture or look up the mechanic’s location by selecting the map.

From Mechanicratingz
What is the purpose of this site?
This site was created to help consumers find the best mechanics by sharing information and ratings, and to give people a “scorecard” on how they are doing. It’s part of the Ratingz Network, which is dedicated to helping consumers make smart choices.

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Audience Snapshot:  Based on internet averages, mechanicratingz.com is visited more frequently by males who browse this site from home.

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