URL: www.menuism.com
Year Launched: 2006
Reputation Impact Rating: Medium
Alexa Rank: 7,285 US
SEO Benefit: Yes
Advertising Options: Yes
Claim Listing: Yes

Foodie’s can build a profile that includes friends, fans, favorites, try list, photos and a dining journal. It’s the social network for the “foodie”! There is even an education blog for the user to read and write comments.

From Menuism
Menuism is a combination of restaurant menus, restaurant & food reviews, dining journals, and social networking – all rolled into one. Like sushi or a taco, but better.

From Founders – Justin Chen & John Li;  Menuism was founded by John and Justin – two UC Berkeley alumni who love eating and coming up with new ideas. After college and some detours through large corporations, John and Justin kept dreaming of the day when they could do something smaller that was their own. That day finally came in January 2006 at the end of a weekend brainstorm session, where the idea for Menuism was born. Amped up on excitement, opportunity and caffeine, John and Justin both gave their 2-week notices the very next day at work, and have been working on Menuism ever since.

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