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Motorauthority.com is the place to go for information, reviews, photos, videos, etc, on luxury and performance vehicles. Visitors can browse through tabs such as news, reviews, auto shows, photos, videos, spy shots, car tech, and more to find information featuring luxurious and/or performance vehicles. Reviews are written by the professional writers at High Gear Media and ratings are based on a 1-10 star rating, 10 being the best.

About Motor Authority (From Site Owner)
Motor Authority is High Gear Media’s luxury and performance automotive destination, focusing on the latest news for the finest vehicles on the market today. Motor Authority went live in 2006 as a small enthusiast website focusing on new vehicles and on industry news, with a bias toward performance and luxury vehicles. Since then, Motor Authority has grown to become one of the Web’s most respected automotive sites, within the industry and among its long-time followers.

Motor Authority’s readership consists of driving enthusiasts, industry members and in-market consumers, all of whom are searching for the very latest and most reliable information to make informed decisions on the luxury and performance cars they follow and drive.

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Audience snapshot. Based on internet averages, Motorauthority.com is visited more frequently by males who have at least some college education and are searching from either school or work.

History as found on Wikipedia
High Gear Media is a vertical media company that publishes The Car Connection and Motor Authority websites and mobile applications.

High Gear Media is headquartered in Menlo Park, California. It has raised $12 million in funding,[4] and is backed by Accel Partners, Greylock Partners, and DAG Ventures.