URL: www.realeats.orgRealEats
Year Launched: 1996
Reputation Impact Rating: lot
Alexa Rank: US rank not listed, Global is #7,408,821
SEO Benefit: No
Advertising Options: No
Claim Listing: No

Seems that the most a user can do is to make a comment through the contact us page. Therefore there is not much in the line of a Restaurant claiming a listing, commenting on reviews or other added value like listing specials. Users can go directly to a listing and write a review, however the site comments that reviews take 30 – 60 days to be reviewed by staff for appropriate content. Although found some reviews are still waiting approval after 6 months or more and some reviews that posted automatically were inappropriate and have not been removed.

From RealEats.com
RealEats.com began as a simple listing of restaurants in the Pasadena and Thousand Oaks, California areas in a personal home page. With a single page of listing and personal reviews, the number of restaurants and reviews outgrew the space and amount of time to maintain the list by hand.

In July 1999 we converted the list into a dynamic database online, so that more people could take advantage of the great restaurant reviews people were adding.

From Alexa
RealEats.com is ranked #7,408,821 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings. The site belongs to the “United States” category of internet sites. The site is located in the US, and RealEats.com has been online for more than twelve years.

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