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Year Launched: 1996
Reputation Impact Rating: Low
Alexa Rank: 133,646 US
SEO Benefit: No
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Claim Listing: Yes

Restauranteur is mostly lists of restaurants with addresses and phone numbers. The most interesting is the list of “Unusual Restaurants Around the World”. This list includes restaurants with peculiar items on their menu e.g. insect and game meats; as well as those restaurants with special entertainment e.g. cliff divers, and Broadway tunes sung by waitstaff.

From Restauranteur.com/Beyond 21, Inc.

To provide An Interactive Dining Guide for restaurant web sites, showcasing restaurants with photos, menus, localized maps, printable coupons, and interactive pages for customer feedback. The Dining Guide encompasses more than just restaurant information. It’s also a place for consumers to make reservations, participate in dinner give-away contests, receive Email specials offered by restaurants, and purchase products on-line.

To design web sites for businesses as well as offer guidance and information to help them make decisions for their Internet advertising and sales needs. Implementing marketing ideas and concepts for food service businesses to create product awareness, brand identity, and comprehensive market information generated at the consumer level.

From Alexa: Based on internet averages, restauranteur.com is visited more frequently by females who are over 65 years old and received some college education.

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