URL:  http://www.sandiegorestaurants.com/
Year Launched: 2000
Reputation Impact Rating: Low/Medium
SEO Benefit: Yes
Advertising Options: Yes
Claim Listing: Yes

Sandiegorestaurants.com is a local search engine for restaurants and dinning locations. Users can search by neighborhood, cuisine, name, hotel/resort, top rated, etc. to find a restaurant that meets their particular needs. After clicking on a restaurant of interest, a user will find geographical information about the restaurant, a phone number to call, a place to make a reservation, a description of the restaurant and its services, a menu, pictures, and much more.

Restaurants have to pay to be listed on the site due to its advertising ability.

About SanDiegoRestaurants (From Site Owner)
San Diego Restaurants.com is fully owned and operated by Restaurant Agent Inc.. Restaurant Agent Inc. has been active in online hospitality services including restaurant marketing, hotel reservations, golf reservations, and attraction tickets since 2000.

Our company is partnering with some of the best restaurants in San Diego, and we refer thousands of customers to local restaurants every month. Our websites are the most visited restaurant selection websites in both San Diego and Los Angeles, and our newest cities – Las Vegas & Philadelphia – promises to quickly follow suit.