Year Launched: Unknown
Reputation Impact Rating: Medium (for Canada users) Low (for U.S. users)
SEO Benefit: Yes
Advertising Options: Yes
Claim Listing: Yes

Weblocal.ca is a review site that lets its users search the most relevant and comprehensive results for the businesses, services and products in their area that they’re looking for. After a result has been clicked on, the consumer can rate it and comment on their personal experiences. Users can also share photos, videos, reviews, and recommendations in an effort to help make the decisions and the entire shopping process for other consumers easier.

Businesses can also benefit from the services Weblocal provides. By advertising with Weblocal, businesses can greatly increase their online presence and maximize their chances of being found by potential clients. Businesses can also claim their page to provide and update information needed by potential clients like business description, menus, hours of operations, prices, and much more.

About Weblocal (From Site Owner)
Weblocal.ca is a leading edge local search site, the destination of choice for users looking for businesses in their local communities and elsewhere. Users visit Weblocal.ca to find a local business, product or service, to rate them, and share their experiences with others. Weblocal.ca: Find. Rate. Share.

Weblocal.ca is the destination of choice for many users searching for all kinds of businesses to answer all kinds of needs, both in their local communities or elsewhere. Those users are all potential clients looking to complete a transaction. Weblocal.ca then becomes a powerful lead generation tool.

By advertising with Weblocal.ca, businesses can greatly increase their visibility and maximize their chances of being found by potential clients. In addition, by using enriched content available to users, such as pictures, videos, business description, menus, opening hours, price lists and much more, businesses provide all the necessary information for their potential clients.

From Alexa
Audience snapshot. Based on internet averages, Weblocal.ca is visited more frequently by females who possess no college education and are accessing the site from home.