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Westword.com was born in an effort to inform the people of Denver about what is happening throughout the dynamic city on a day-to-day basis. The writers at Westword.com update and change the site daily, adding relevant news articles, calendar events, music attractions, restaurants reviews and more for the sites users to enjoy and learn from.

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Westword is a free alternative weekly newspaper based in Denver, Colorado.

As a result, www.westword.com has become both the first and the last stop of the day for anyone who wants to know what’s going on in Denver. But the more things change, the more they stay the same: Every week, the print edition is also eagerly snatched up in college classrooms, coffeehouses, corporate offices and at the State Capitol by faithful readers who continue to appreciate hard-hitting, award-winning journalism that both covers the cultural scene – and uncovers where the deals are going down.

About Westword (From Site Owner)
Back in 1977, Denver was booming. Thousands of Baby Boomers were fleeing the coasts, lured to Colorado by the climate, the scenery, the promise of endlessly flowing Coors. But with the deluge came a dilemma: so many young, active people – and so little to read that told them what was happening in their increasingly dynamic city. That’s why Westword was born.

Today, those ’70s pioneers now comprise the Colorado power structure, and an entirely new generation has been lured to Colorado by the climate, the scenery, the promise of endlessly flowing microbrews from the country’s largest concentration of brewpubs.Westword captures the city for this group, too, with both a new, glossy weekly format and a web edition that’s updated dozens of times a day.

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Audience snapshot. Based on internet averages, Westword.com is visited more frequently by females who have a college education and are using the site from their place of work.

History as found on Wikipedia
Westword was established independently in 1977. In 1983 it was bought by New Times Media.[2] In 2005, New Times acquired Village Voice Media, and changed its name to Village Voice Media.[3] In September 2012, Village Voice Media executives Scott Tobias, Christine Brennan and Jeff Mars bought Village Voice Meda’s papers and associated web properties from its founders and formedVoice Media Group.

Westword is a member of the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies and has received several awards for its investigative reporting.Westword has several regular features focusing on local events including arts, entertainment and politics. Regular arts and music criticism includes music criticism byDave Herrera. Westword also publishes the cartoons of Tom Tomorrow.

The newspaper’s web site, westword.com, offers comprehensive listings of music, arts, and other events, along with restaurant and bar listings. Westword.com also has four blogs: Backbeat, a music blog; Cafe Society, about the Denver food scene; the Latest Word, a news and general-interest blog; and Show and Tell, an arts and culture blog. It also features regular nightlife and other event coverage on its slideshow page, westword.com/slideshow.

Starting with the May 21, 2009 issue, Westword is now printed in a smaller magazine style with a glossy cover. Prior to this, the weekly had always been printed in a tabloid newspaper format.