Year Launched: 1999
Reputation Impact Rating: Medium
SEO Benefit: Yes
Advertising Options: Yes
Claim Listing: No

Yellowbook.com is an online search engine aimed to give its users relevant results for local merchants. After a search query is entered, a user can click on a corresponding link that will lead them to information about the merchant such as location, time of operations, phone numbers, business summaries, a link to their actual website, reviews, ratings and more.

Yellowbook.com also offers an opportunity to merchants who use the site by helping them compete in the online world with a broad range of marketing and commerce solutions.

About Yellowbook (From Site Owner)
From the parent company – (www.business.hibu.com/about-us/)

Hibu helps communities thrive by facilitating millions of connections each year between consumers who want to find products and services locally and the merchants who provide them.

We help merchants compete in the digital world with a broad range of marketing and commerce solutions delivered online and through our direct sales teams.

Building on our heritage as a premier directories provider, we continue to offer a full range of print- and distribution-based marketing services.

From Alexa
Audience snapshot. Based on internet averages, Yellowbook.com is visited more frequently by female users who have some college education and are accessing the site from their home.

History as found on Wikipedia
Yellow Pages launched its iconic J. R. Hartley adverts in 1983, and became a separately identified business within the BT Group after BT was privatised in 1984. The red frontedBusiness Pages launched in 1985 in Bristol and South Wales, and the telephone directory enquiries information service Talking Pages was piloted in Brighton and Bristol from 1987,[5] which then became known as 118 24 7 after 2003.[6] The group launched Yell.com, its UK local search engine, in 1996[7] and acquired YellowBook USA in 1999 for $665 million.[8]